Pen Bay Soccer Club – Team FAQ – Updated 2017

What are the age restrictions for youth teams? The child must be the age of the team’s age group on or after August 1st.  For example a 12 year old whose birthday is in March would qualify for U-13 or older.

Why are there tryouts? There are a limited number of spots on the roster. U-10’s have up to 12 on the roster, U-11’s have up to 15 on the roster and U-12’s on up have up to 18 on the roster. Teams may elect to keep some alternates but these are the maximum numbers allowed in the tournaments.

What are the time commitments for the player and parents? Final rosters must be declared by July 15th, but tryouts will be in May and June. Practices typically start in August. Practice times and places are up to the coach(es), but will generally be at least once a week, with most teams practicing twice per week. Games are on Sundays and usually start at the end of August and continue through the middle of October. For u11 and under, usually 3 teams will meet at a common field and each team will play 2 games. For u12 and up, teams usually play 1 game on Sunday. At the end of October, tournaments are held in the northern and southern regions of the state. The Pen Bay Soccer Club competes in the Northern District, which entails travel as far away as Waterville, Bangor or Ellsworth.

What will this cost? Not including any travel (food and gasoline) the fee is $95. This pays for referees, registration, coaching expenses, field maintenance and training equipment. This fee does not include the player’s uniform, which is purchased through a soccer.com link that will be provided to you by your child’s coach. The uniform is yours to keep and use as long as it still fits your child. If these costs present a financial hardship, we encourage you to speak to the club president. The club’s goal is to encourage every player interested to tryout and participate. The registration fee is payable upon registration for tryouts. If a player is not selected for the team’s roster, the registration fee will be refunded.captains

What do I get for my money? Players on these teams will benefit from a system of
training in which all the coaches are licensed USSF or NSCAA coaches (E license
of higher) who will work to develop each and every player’s potential under the
guidance of a director of coaching. A philosophy of “ no laps, no lines, and no
lectures” will promote fun and allow the game itself to be the teacher. Each player
can expect to be challenged and empowered to reach their potential if they meet
the challenges.

When do I have to pay this money? The USSF registration and insurance fee
is due at the time you submit your registration.

What is expected of the player? Each and every player is expected to show up to
all events (practices and games) on time with plenty of time make sure they are
fully and properly equipped. It is every player’s responsibility to have all of his or her equipment. Shinguards are mandatory at every practice and game. Cleats are recommended, as are mouthguards. For every game, players must bring their complete uniform. We expect players to be attentive and respectful of their teammates and coaches. If a player becomes repeatedly disruptive, he or she may be asked to leave the team and all fees will be withheld.

What is expected of the parent? Parents are the unsung heroes and provide
support for the team experience in every way. Parents will need to car pool and help
with logistical support. All parents are encouraged to attend games and cheer for your  child’s team. Please cheer for the teams as groups and minimize cheering for individuals. Always keep the comments positive and please never question the referees. When possible, sit on the side opposite from the team and let the coach do the coaching.
Remember and please remind others it is supposed to be fun for the players and
that will make it fun for all.Costifan

What if a player has a question or an issue? All players need to deal openly with
the coach. This is a life skill that the players need to develop. Parents should
encourage their child to address the coach with questions. Understandably this is
more difficult for some and in those cases the parent and child should address the
coach together.

What if the parent has an issue? The parent should always feel free to address a
concern with the coach. If the outcome is unsatisfactory they should then approach
the director of coaching but please remember playing time is not a subject for
discussion. The coach has the final say in who plays and for how long.

What about playing time? At the U-10 and U-11 age levels the game is less results
oriented and coaches are encouraged to try to play everybody as equally as
possible. At the U-12 and higher age groups the games are more competitive and
each team is trying to field the strongest group for the best result so playing time
becomes more of an issue. There is nothing wrong with being a reserve player and
through practice and maintaining a positive attitude these players serve vital roles
to the team and more than likely get their turns to become first team players.

Can a player play up an age group? If there is no team in that player’s age group
that player may play up; this is permitted only under exceptional
circumstances and must be approved by the coaching committee. The most
compelling exception is to keep a player with his/her peers. Superior technique is
not a sufficient reason by itself. That player must physically capable and exhibit
tactical prowess beyond their age level as well as the maturity needed to play at an
older age group.

Who do contact if I have additional questions? Please feel free to call, email or
write Rick Bresnahan, President, Pen Bay Soccer Club 721 Camden Road, Hope,
Maine, 04847 at 207-236-2655, rickb4526@gmail.com

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