Want To Coach ?

Do I need training to coach?

Not necessarily but it comes in handy. What you need most are a passion for the game, the ability to teach the game, and most of all the ability to make it fun for all involved. There are plenty of courses for those interested in coaching. Head coaches are required to have a grassroots license or higher but every team needs assistant coaches to help with organization and instruction.  Ryan Hurley, our Director of Coaching, also helps mentor our new coaches and provides coaching support for current coaches.

PBSC Philosophy

The first responsibility of the coach is to provide a safe environment.

The second responsibility is to insure the activity is fun.

The third responsibility is to develop the players to their full potential.

Ensure that all of these responsibilities are carried out equally.


For Information On How to Become a PBSC Coach:

Contact PB Presdient, Patrick Costigan for more information at: 207-930-5666